Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a few pictures!

Oh how I love taking pictures of him when he's sleeping. He's just so cute!

Eating a very blue iced cupcake that grandma brought over, he sure enjoyed it!

Filling his lawn mower up with gas.

Oh my do I love this boy!

In our new pool that was waaaaaay to cold to swim in, but we tryed, this weekend it should be good and ready!

We went over to Ashlieghs graduation open house this past Sunday and they had this pool set up for the little kids and Ray loved it. He enjoyed playing with the other kids. It was a fun day. Look how excited he was when his daddy decided to put some more water in the pool.

His first trampoline experience.

Say "cheese"

Very serious, but look at those eyes!

Enough with the pictures mom!

Monday, May 9, 2011


This is a free riding lawn mower that Alvin got from a guy he works with, lets just say it needed some MAJOR TLC, and Alvin and Ray were just what the Doctor ordered! Alvin got it up and running an even cut the grass tonight with it! But Ray is SOOOOO happy about it, he has told his daddy that he loves him and has given him countless kisses and hugs that's followed by "I really love this tractor daddy", Alvin said if he had known he would get this much lovin he would have gotten one sooner! Alvin calls it "Mater" cause its nothing pretty to look at, but so far is getting the job done! (like the picture of the girl in the back ground :)

Ray had to have a flannel shirt on like his daddy to work on it, and he even jacked up his tricycle to work on. Like father like son! I love it!!!!

Ray got to cut his daddy's hair the other night, he didn't do to bad doing it!

This was Easter morning, finding the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny hid for him, I wish he had left more, because Rays face lit up finding those eggs! He also left a basket that Ray had to find, he got the movie "ants", a gun that shoots little disc's and a Tball set and of course CANDY!
I love his just woke up face!

We were telling Ray how we are going to give his baby brother or sister a bath for awhile until it gets bigger and can take a bath with him. We told him that's how he got a bath when he was a baby, so we had to show him and put him in the sink, he thought that was pretty funny.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just some pictures!

Helping Daddy with his truck.

Pretty flowers that Alvin planted last year.

One of my favorites.

Trying to get Ray and Gabrielle's picture. She wasn't so cooperative.

Trying to "fly"

Mommy and Ray.

I think the look on his face is classic! It should be on a greeting card! :)

The desk we got him at a garage sale awhile back and he is now big enough to use it!