Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a few pictures!

Oh how I love taking pictures of him when he's sleeping. He's just so cute!

Eating a very blue iced cupcake that grandma brought over, he sure enjoyed it!

Filling his lawn mower up with gas.

Oh my do I love this boy!

In our new pool that was waaaaaay to cold to swim in, but we tryed, this weekend it should be good and ready!

We went over to Ashlieghs graduation open house this past Sunday and they had this pool set up for the little kids and Ray loved it. He enjoyed playing with the other kids. It was a fun day. Look how excited he was when his daddy decided to put some more water in the pool.

His first trampoline experience.

Say "cheese"

Very serious, but look at those eyes!

Enough with the pictures mom!


Anonymous said...

He's so dag gone cute. I don't think he can take a bad picture.

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Awesome pics .Summer fun :).

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this boy is so naughty vary mischief with his family...

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Joel Stottlemrie said...

I like the fist picture best. It looks like "Mater" is about to bite his head.

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Livi said...

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Atlas said...

What a beautiful family you have! I cannot wait to fast forward a few year in my own life and be in a similar situation.

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